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Dr Monica Saini - Volpara

Dr Saini wants to turn Volpara into a global game changer for breast cancer detection.

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Internationally-renowned American breast cancer imaging expert DrMonica Saini was in Queenstown to speak at a conference in April last year, when she met Volpara CEO Ralph Highnam.

Dr Saini was already a vocal fan of Volpara’s technology, which makes mammograms more accurate through better understanding the density of breast tissue. The meeting was highly fortuitous for both parties. Dr Saini had been looking for a good excuse to relocate to New Zealand. Highman had been looking for the insights of a clinician and communicator like Dr Saini to turn his Wellington based company into a global game changer for the detection of breast cancer. By mid-November 2017, Dr Saini had moved her family to Wellington and was sharing her time between working with patients at Hutt Hospital and with Volpara, making its technology more usable for clinicians and patients.

Dr Saini says Volpara has huge international potential because of its unique ability to add accuracy to breast cancer detection by removing the need for clinicians to make subjective judgements about the density of the tissue they are scanning. It also has the potential to remove unnecessary discomfort for patients by removing the need for pressure during breast scans.