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Gene Turner - LawHawk

With digital disruption of the legal sector just beginning, Turner is set to play a powerful role in transforming it for the better.

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The legal profession has a reputation for being arcane and convoluted, and with good reason - the traditional model of hourly billing has never given lawyers the incentive to find faster, better ways to draft legal documents for clients.

Gene Turner spent years working as a corporate lawyer, and could see that it was a ‘case of when, not if ’ technology would turn the legal industry on its head. He left his position to start LawHawk, a cloud platform that automates the drafting of legal documents, slashing the time required to produce them and lowering costs for lawyers and their clients.

Turner’s goal was to take 80 per cent of lawyers’ work and get it done in 20 per cent of the time, making getting legal help simpler and more affordable for everyone. LawHawk is already delivering benefits for private law firms and the public sector, helping to save taxpayer money and freeing up lawyers to do more valuable work.

With digital disruption of the legal sector just beginning, Turner is set to play a powerful role in transforming it for the better.