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Glenn Bouzaid - Simutech

Simutech, a flight simulator pushing the boundaries of realism and technology, is the brainchild of Lower Hutt pilot Glenn Bouzaid.

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Flight Simulators have come a long way since Microsoft launched its iconic series of games in 1982. Today, the humble joystick is replaced with full scale cockpits and genuine aircraft components, putting the user close as possible to piloting a real aircraft.

Simutech, the brainchild of Lower Hutt pilot Glenn Bouzaid, is a flight simulator pushing the boundaries of realism and technology, and certified by the NZ Civil Aviation Authority for professional flight training. Simutech currently provides training to trainee pilots at Wellington Aeroclub, as well as building simulators for export.

Bouzaid says that as airspace becomes increasingly busy, fuel more expensive and aircraft more technically advanced, the use of simulators is expected to grow rapidly around the world. He has recently completed the design and build of a further three models to add to his line up, and is poised to launch internationally in 2020.

Bouzaid’s goal is to fill a global niche for simulators that offer an authentic flying experience at a level that hasn’t been previously available.