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Greg Broadmore - Weta Gameshop

Greg heads up a team of 50 developers at Weta's newest division Weta Gameshop.

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The screen industry has a history of making massive technical leaps that create huge fortunes. First, we had black and white moving pictures - the “movies”, then sound was added to make the “talkies” and then came technicolour.

The next great leap forward is mixed reality, a combination of digital technologies that make images actually leap off the screen to viewers wearing special glasses in a way 3D never could truly achieve.

Greg Broadmore, who heads up a team of 50 developers at Weta’s newest division Weta Gameshop, is at the forefront of this new world, working closely with Florida-based Magic Leap, the company at the forefront of the global augmented reality and virtual reality industry.

This year, Broadmore and Weta Gameshop will release their first title - Dr Grordbort’s Invaders - on Magic Leap’s new mixed reality gaming platform, ML1. Around the world there’s a fierce race between tech companies to see who will perfect a viable platform for augmented reality.

With Magic Leap among the leaders right now, Greg Broadmore is helping make sure Wellington has a top spot in that bright new future.