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James Fuller - Hnry

James is the CEO of Hnry - described as the world's first 'sole trader in a box'.

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It’s no secret New Zealand’s army of freelancers, contractors and self-employed professionals is growing as the nature of work changes. From courier drivers to graphic designers, 400,000 Kiwis are sole traders responsible for managing their invoicing, tax and compliance.

This can be hugely time consuming, complex and a barrier to getting actual work done and enjoying life outside of work.

Unlike SMEs and larger businesses, it is often not feasible for self-employed people to hire an accountant or use software like Xero or MYOB. Enter Hnry - described as the world’s first ‘sole trader in a box’ - an automated platform that JamesFuller Hnry handles everything from GST to provisional tax, so it’s easy to focus on keeping customers happy.

CEO James Fuller says interest in Hnry has been phenomenal, with individuals and organisations lining up in New Zealand and Australia to join the platform. Because sole traders all over the world are dealing with the headache of compliance, Fuller is looking to take Hnry global, and do it all from Wellington - a city he rates extremely well for its availability of smart talent and world-class lifestyle.