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Jason Gleason - Eight Wire

In 2013 Jason launched Eight Wire, a software platform that allows vast amounts of data to work seamlessly on different platforms and links them securely with industry leading privacy controls.

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You know the feeling when you can’t read a document because it was sent in the wrong format? It can take a lot of valuable time and energy to fix. Now imagine if you had to oversee hundreds of millions of records moving between incompatible systems. This is the challenge Jason Gleason has set out to beat.

In 2013 he launched Eight Wire, a software platform that allows vast amounts of data to work seamlessly on different platforms, and links them securely with industry leading privacy controls. Jason says the early days of EightWire were a long, slow push as he and his team worked to build the level of service and speed demanded by business customers. 

Perfecting a system that fixes Jason Gleason Eight Wire thousands of errors every second, and does that 100 per cent of the time is no small task. In the past year, Jason says Eight Wire has found its stride, connecting more of the public sector to deliver improvements in data heavy areas such as social services and health.

Eight Wire also services clients in the UK and is making inroads into Singapore, an indication that Gleason’s idea, literally named after Kiwi ingenuity, is set to make a genuine impact at the global level.