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Kat Lintott - Wrestler

Kat leads the charge of VR (Virtual Reality) in Wellington and further afield at digital content agency Wrestler.

Kat 1000x600

2018 is being touted as the turning point for Virtual Reality, as headsets and other hardware finally land and give the technology the genuine mass market appeal it’s been waiting for. VR is already proving to have brilliant uses in the business world, and not far behind is augmented reality, which could have even greater effects on society and learning than VR.

Leading the charge in Wellington is Kat Lintott, VR evangelist at digital content agency Wrestler. Lintott’s goal is to build a sustainable creative commercial business
in VR, and to foster Wellington’s indie creative community via a new studio space and collaboration with the Miramar Creative Centre.

Lintott has one foot firmly in the present, managing Wrestler’s spectacular business growth, and the other in the future, exploring the multidimensional potential of storytelling and the mediums and technologies that will make it happen. She also firmly believes in human centred work culture, placing a huge emphasis on her staff.

At once an ambassador for our city and its people, and a true creative pioneer, Lintott is the definition of what it means to be an influencer.