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Kristy Grant - Miramar Creative Centre

Kristy Grant has her eyes set firmly on the horizon - and the screens - of the city’s future.

Kristy page

When Kristy Grant set up Roxy 5, a short film competition for secondary school students across the Wellington region, she was blown away by the talent and enthusiasm of entries. She could also see a problem the city had an excellent production capability, but lacked the education link between upcoming talent and industry.

Her personal vision, to make the Wellington screen industry into a world leader in every aspect of screen production from TV to VR, encouraged her to address that gap. The result was the Miramar Creative Centre, a new facility dedicated to building a talent pipeline for the industry, from students at tertiary level onwards.

Buy in from professionals has been fantastic - Grant says in the short time the Miramar Creative Centre has been active, the interaction and collaboration with the industry has exceeded all expectations. More than anything, Grant wants to future proof the local industry, which she says includes keeping ahead of new technologies as they continue to evolve rapidly.

Talking about holograms, projection and avatars as part of the industry’s shift to more interactive, personalised experiences, Grant has her eyes set firmly on the horizon - and the screens - of the city’s future.