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Rebecca Stewart - Pomegranate Kitchen

Rebecca's catering company Pomegranate Kitchen uses food to make us a more cohesive society by employing former refugee cooks, teaching them skills they need to be employable in New Zealand.

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One of food’s biggest trends is social enterprises focused on eating well and making the world a better place at the same time. One of the most unique is Rebecca Stewart’s 18-month-old catering company Pomegranate Kitchen, which uses food to make us a more cohesive society by employing former refugee cooks and teaching them skills they need to be employable in New Zealand.

Many refugees find the first step into the workforce the hardest part of integrating into New Zealand as they overcome language and other cultural barriers. To help former refugees learn what it takes to work in New Zealand, Stewart’s company teaches employable skills at all levels of business, from management to kitchen operations. In the past 12 months Stewart has relished seeing former employees graduate to jobs in commercial kitchens and IT, and the initiative has moved into its own catering kitchen, finding consistent growth in demand for their range of catered food for events.

Rebecca says it is pleasing to see demand growing from Wellingtonians who want to support some of the region’s newest arrivals and try new flavours from around the world.