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Siobhan Bulfin - Melon Health

Siobhan Bulfin is a serial tech entrepreneur bringing Wellington IT smarts to the treatment of chronic diseases.

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Her company, Melon Health, builds a platform allowing clinicians to work with patients via smartphones to manage their own treatment of chronic diseases. With a global health system looking for ways to reduce the cost of treatment and increase the reach of physicians, there is plenty of demand and no shortage of competitors. But Bulfin and her Wellington-based team of 16 are more than holding their own. Melon Health’s platform is used extensively in New Zealand, particularly in the management of diabetes.

They have also established export footholds in Australia, Germany and the US, where they have offices in San Francisco and Atlanta, and are considering a further presence in Houston. Success has been hard won, but it is building. Bulfin has been a guest lecturer at the Stanford School of Medicine and last year Melon Health was selected as one of only three digital partners by the world-leading medical research hospital, Mayo Clinic.

Melon Health also picked up an innovation award from prestigious publication Psych Congress for disruptive technology in the treatment of mental illness.