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Victoria Spackman - Te Auaha

Victoria Spackman embraces creativity and rises to the challenge of our fast-changing world.

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It surprised many last year when the CEO and co-owner of Wellington company Gibson Group shifted her focus to training the next generation of creatives - and reinventing the way we teach creativity. 

Constructed and recently opened under Spackman’s supervision, Te Auaha is a six-storey creative campus in the Cuba Quarter offering the world’s first Bachelor of Creativity degree. Spackman remains a shareholder and director of Gibson Group and says the creative industry in Wellington has challenges and opportunities in every direction.

The big players will continue to be Sir Peter Jackson and Sir Richard Taylor in Miramar, but she sees people creating exciting new nimble businesses that are thriving around the city - in technology, gaming, film, theatre and more. Spackman says the opportunities lie in the cross disciplinary areas, such as combining virtual reality with gaming, or film with adventure tourism, but those businesses need finance and skills to take advantage of opportunities.

This is something that drives Spackman as director of Te Auaha, creating the future generation of workers, entrepreneurs and job creators that will embrace creativity and rise to meet the challenges of our fast-changing world.