COVID-19 update

The whole of New Zealand is currently at Red under the traffic light system.

At Red, we need to take action to protect our vulnerable communities and our health system from COVID-19. Red is not a lockdown, but there are restrictions to slow the spread of COVID-19.

How we protect each other

At Red, and with My Vaccine Pass, most parts of life continue as usual. You can visit cafes and bars, attend gatherings and events, and go to the hairdresser and gym. Workplaces and schools are open. There are capacity limits and distancing requirements at some venues.

Without My Vaccine Pass though, there are restrictions. Protect yourself and others from COVID-19 by following the latest health advice and not sharing unreliable information.

Businesses and workplaces can open at Red. Some workers may need to be vaccinated. Most businesses can choose whether they use My Vaccine Pass for customers and visitors, but there will be restrictions if they do not, including possibly needing to close.

Gatherings and visits, such as at home, place of worship, and sport locations, can go ahead at Red, with My Vaccine Pass requirements and restrictions. Gatherings are limited to 100 people if everyone has a My Vaccine Pass, and 25 people if My Vaccine Passes are not being used.

You can travel around New Zealand at Red. There are no boundaries under the traffic lights.

As for overseas travel, you can find out more information about travelling to, leaving and transiting through New Zealand here.

Entry to New Zealand from all countries remains strictly controlled to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Find out more about the Government’s five-step plan to re-open New Zealand borders on February 27.

My Vaccine Pass

You are legally required to provide your My Vaccine Pass to enter places that have vaccination requirements in place under the traffic light system. This may include hospitality venues, events, gatherings and gyms.

You cannot be asked to provide your My Vaccine Pass to access basic needs services, such as supermarkets, public transport, and essential health care.

Important websites

For up-to-date information about traffic light system, community cases, and getting tested, visit the New Zealand Government COVID-19 website.

For up-to-date visa and travel information visit Immigration New Zealand’s website.

For more details on managed isolation and quarantine.

It is recommended that you follow the Ministry of Health’s guidelines, public health measures and consider others around you.

Information about traffic light system for New Zealand.

Protect yourself and others

There are a few simple steps that will help to protect you and others:

  1. Maintain good hygiene - keep up basic hygiene measures, including washing your hands using soap and water for at least 20 seconds and drying thoroughly, coughing or sneezing into your elbow, and keeping surfaces clean.
  2. Wear a face-covering - we encourage you to wear a face-covering when you leave the house. For more information on when face-coverings are mandatory, see the COVID-19 website.
  3. Contact tracing - everyone over the age of 12 legally must keep a record of where they have been when visiting certain places so contact tracing can happen quickly. Businesses legally must display the NZ COVID Tracer QR code poster.
  4. Get tested - if you have cold, flu, or COVID-19 symptoms - tests are free
  5. Vaccinations - the COVID-19 vaccination programme continues.

Major events and business events in Wellington

Events can go ahead at Red, with My Vaccine Pass requirements. Gatherings at venues are limited to a maximum of 100 people. It is the responsibility of the venue to ensure it complies with capacity limits. Smaller venues will be limited to fewer than 100 people.

If you would like help in regards to a future major event, please contact our Major Events team and we’ll assist you as much as we can.