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Search Eat & drink

Bin44 seduces diners, cocktail-lovers, craft-beer and wine drinkers down to Queens Wharf. A new, unpretentious, Cosmopolitan style establishment. It's meant to be a fun, social thing.
Affordable food, that looks absolutely beautiful, the menu boasts familiar items you will recognise, love and understand, but always with something special that appeals to the eye.
Value for money is to be had here, and you’ll feel like you're treating yourself without breaking the bank.
Casual, clean and contemporary, with nice touches like linen napkins, crystal on the table, but no fussy tablecloths, confirm the establishment’s Affordable upper-market leanings.

Cocktails are also a strong focus with a feminine skew: Bellini, Martini and the likes.
Craft-beer: Bin forty-four are the only restaurant bar on Queens Wharf focused on Craft Beers, of which you will find 25+ options by the bottle, plus a variety on-tap, plus all of the usual big-name suspects.
Wine: the list is an evolving document - it’s ever-changing, rather than a static prescription.

Leather-bound seating in the lounge-bar area adds a further touch of class.
There are no pretensions to being all 'proper', so service avoids any stuffiness, but is focused on delivering a well-cared for, enjoyable experience to all who care to join us for some fun at Bin 44 Restaurant + Bar: the latest fabulous restaurant + bar on Queens Wharf.

By the way, we do a top brunch, lunch experience too :)