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Search Eat & drink

D4 Irish Pub delivers on the owners Hospitality background in Ireland. The name comes from the owners Postcode in Dublin (Dublin 4). If you had never been to Ireland you would presume that all Bars in Ireland had fiddles on the walls and Diddley music playing all day. Other than tourist bars this certainly is not the case and D4 brings to Wellington a bar as close to any bar you will get in Ireland.

Great food and great service at a fair price in comfortable surrounds is what D4 delivers on. Being independent from the breweries, D4 stocks the best range of tap beers in the Wellington CBD. 21 beers on tap and counting. You have Guinness of course and your standard Speights and Montheiths Golden on tap but it is the Boutique beers that stand it out. Award winning Tuatara Pilsner can be enjoyed aswell as Tuatara Porter served from an old style Hand Pump. As well as these there is Emersons Bookbinder, Epic Pale Ale and every month they have a guest beer which gets chosen by a lucky customer. Asahi on tap is a must try with D4 having exclusive rights in the Wellington CBD for this product on tap.

Corporates are very at home in D4 shouting important clients excellent food with great service but in a very relaxed yet professional atmosphere. D4 bustles come 5pm with the busy CBD workers quenching their thirsts after a hard day in the office.