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Search Eat & drink

A haven for the Gin-curious, combining the luscious aromas of a commercial distillery with an industrial chick Tasting Shop. Located in Lombard Lane it rubs shoulders with fashion and food, providing a welcome distraction from the pressures of urban life. 

Founders, Mark and Eamon, set out to build a living gin research and development Lab, distilling innovative small batch city gins right in front of their customers. They're serious when they ask for your feedback on a new release, it's going to inform the next batch. And patrons agree, participating in the Trial and Error process is both educational and tasty.

Notorious for a musical backdrop the owner's generational tastes, the glass fronted building is light-filled and the perfect place to indulge in a cocktail or a tasting flight whilst learning why the Gin Renaissance is fundamental to the future of man kind. 

And better still, if you like what you taste you can take a bottle home - even the distiller's experiments.