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Search Eat & drink

9 years ago on opening night, we select first fortune cookie. It read "You will be showered in Good Luck!" Famous Whooping Crane Beer and Debu Gaki Sake Brands $5! Good Luck was Chinese opium den many years. Now opium den of cocktail and best premium music. Celebrate! Go downstairs it's OK.

Have party have function. Yao Ming said it is good. New cocktails. Old cocktails. Many taste cocktails. Yum Cha cocktails also - small cocktails at small prices for everyone!

We make the original Gambatte, Perennial favourite, Debu Gaki Sake, Plum Wine, black doris plum, Chop Sticks to eat plum, many people ask why chopstisks? Don't worry, always friendly. Fortune cookie say: "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent."