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Night Flower takes old-fashioned cocktails and reworks them with a botanical flair: possets, syllabubs, Rumfustians, fizzes, fixes and flips: if you don’t know what we’re talking about, you will soon.

With an expert team of bartenders led by Renwick Boon (ex-Crumpet, Hummingbird, Havana) - you name the Wellington bar and Renwick is likely to have made cocktails behind it. Tell the Night Flower team what you like and they'll make you a cocktail to match (or challenge) your taste. 

Night Flower make their own tonic water, a subtly perfumed and delicately flavoured concoction that elevates their G&Ts to whole new levels of deliciousness. 

With a large deck overlooking the heart of Cuba Street, Night Flower is the perfect spot for a drink while you watch the bohemian happenings, below.