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Tastiest milkshakes in Wellington

There's nothing else quite like slurping on a straw dunked in a delicious, creamy milkshake. From Baklava to Snickers, it's fair to say Wellington's doing a pretty fine job in the uniquely-flavoured milkshake department - if that's a thing.



If you've had a chat with a local about Wellington's hidden gems, chances are the snickers milkshake from Fidel's rated pretty highly on their list. They're famous for it, and it really does taste like a Snickers bar, roasted peanuts and all. Ask about their 'shake of the week', or take a (good) risk and go for the House Made Sea Salt Caramel.


midnight smal

What's cool, creamy, pale pink and moreish? It's the strawberry milkshake from Midnight Espresso, of course! A favourite of milkshake connoisseurs around town. Definitely worth a slurp.

Peanut butter


Milkshake lovers go nuts for Sweet Mother's Kitchen peanut butter shake. If you're dining in, their shakes are blended and served in an old school aluminum cup. Pair it up with their curly fries and you'll be feeling satisfied for hours. Chin-chin! 



A milkshake with a kick - not for the faint-hearted. Burger Liquor's changing up in the milkshake game with alcoholic shakes like Rum & Raisin, Jafa and Malt n'Salt. Mmm!

Super Duper Shake

super duper

It's even better than you think. With Scorch o Rama's Super Duper Shake, you get to choose the ingredients that go into your milkshake: chocolate bar, flavour and ice cream. One caramel flavoured snickers shake with chocolate ice cream over here, please! Photo by @megankingdomm via #ShareMeWLG on Instagram.


sweetmothers milkshake

Try the coffee milkshake from Maranui Cafe. It will change your life. The Jaffa thickshake is pretty spectacular too, so you may feel a little torn - but either way, be prepared for a struggle to finish your meal after drinking one of these, they're super filling!

Bam bam baklava

five boroughs wall

The Baklava milkshake at Five Boroughs pays homage to owner Elie's Lebanese heritage (whose parents own and operate Phoenician Falafel). This is just one of the many rather interesting, yet delicious flavours on offer. Others include Jelly Tip, Trippple Chocolate, After Dinner Mint and Bounty.

Cookies and cream

longest yard

Fans of all things cookies and cream will froth at the thought of Beach Babylon's Oreo infused, creamy 'Mighty Milkshake'. Photo by @pretty.poppy.x via #ShareMeWLG on Instagram.