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Classic Wellington craft beers

A talented bunch of brewers call Wellington home and create an outstanding range of brews, often inspired by our local scenery and produce. Here are a few iconic Wellington beers to try:

Garage Project Aro Noir

Aro Noir

Aro Valley is a famous enclave just outside of Wellington city. One side of the valley receives ample sun, and the other is known as 'the dark side' for obvious reasons. Inspired by the depths of the valley in which this beer is brewed, Garage Project Aro Noir is a 'pitch black' stout that was number 13 in the brewery's original 24 beers brewed in 24 weeks. Don't wait til the depths of winter to try it - this is an all-season stout. 

ParrotDog BitterBitch


ParrotDog essentially began as a student-flat homebrew operation but quickly outgrew those humble origins, and their brews are now stocked around New Zealand and Australia. Launched at Beervana in 2011, BitterBitch is named for its 'problematic' first brew which was perhaps a touch too bitter. With a big hop flavour and still ample bitterness, this is a staple for any Wellington beer drinker. 

Choice Bros On the Brain

Kerry Gray Husk

Choice Bros On the Brain is pretty much a sandwich in beer form. This peanut butter and raspberry pale ale has a super fruity smell and nutty flavour, thanks to the peanut flour and Canterbury raspberries used in the brewing process. 

Tuatara Kapai


Tuatara is a bit of a brewing icon in Wellington. They've been around for a long time, and many local beer drinkers cut their teeth on Tuatara's beers. The Kapai Aotearoa Pale Ale uses an array of full-flavoured New Zealand hops, although it was originally born from a shortage of US hops.