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10 tasty spots for vegetarian eats

If you're a herbivore looking to indulge in a strictly vege feast, look no further. These eateries are vegetarian-friendly and absolutely delicious.

1. The Botanist

Lyall Bay’s all-vegetarian eatery, The Botanist,  achieves what some would deem impossible: taking meat-heavy classics, like a steak, burger, or fish and chips meal, and making a vegetarian or vegan version which is so immensely satisfying that you won’t miss the original.

2. Boquita and La Boca Loca

‘Eat food, mostly tacos’ advises Boquita and when the tacos are as delicious as these, it’s an enticing proposition. Entirely vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free, Boquita’s menu packs a punch of colour and flavour using local and seasonal ingredients.

Boquita is the baby of the much-loved La Boca Loca in Miramar, a larger restaurant that's perfect for a longer meal or celebration with plenty of delicious vegetarian options. 


3. Chow Vegan Tuesdays

Every Tuesday, much-loved Wellington Asian-fusion dining institution, Chow, goes entirely vegan for an entire day. Showcasing some of Chow’s best-loved classics, in 100% vegan form, together with some original vegan creations as well. With a varied and lengthy menu, both vegans and non-vegans alike are in for a deliciously good time #chowvegantuesday 

4. Plant Blazed

plant blazed

Plant Blazed make and sell their cheap and deliciously cheerful vegan eats from a food truck parked up on Dunlop Terrace beside Victoria Uni Architecture School. They make their own seitan (a meat substitute made of wheat protein) and many of their sauces, and all of their ingredients are fresh and local.  

5. Hillside Kitchen & Cellar

Hillside Kitchen & Cellar went vego: as of September 2018, Hillside features an entirely meatless menu for brunch, lunch and dinner. With this plant-based revolution comes one of those rare dining experiences that you'll remember for all of the right reasons. 

6. Aunty Mena Vegetarian

Being one of the only exclusively vegetarian restaurants in the city, Aunty Mena's is a classic staple of any Wellington vegetarian’s diet. Expect a simple dining experience with a huge menu of Asian-inspired mock meat dishes at great prices.

7. Seize

Seize is all about sustainability and healthy eating - and by the looks of the line at lunchtime, people are cottoning on. They've got lots of delicious full vegetarian meals on offer, and the option to build your own salad. A mixture of the 'daily bowls' never disappoint.

8. Pranah

Through sustainable practices like reducing, reusing, recycling, composting and monitoring energy efficiency, Pranah lessens the environmental footprint on its mission. This buzzing cafe in Newtown offers wholesome non-processed vegetarian foods, with gluten-free and vegan options available.

9. Loretta

Sister to the ever-so-popular FloriditasLoretta is a 1970s California-inspired eatery with loads of wholesome vegetarian options, showcasing whole grains and fresh veggies. It's clean and spacious inside - in fact, so appealing they won an award from Interior Magazine for it.

10. Olive

Olive's a superb choice if you're heading out for a bite with a mixture of vegetarians and meat eaters. There's options for both, but the vegetarian dishes here might have your non-vego friends changing sides!

11. Maranui and Queen Sally’s Diamond Deli

maranui cafe

Maranui and Queen Sally's Diamond Deli are cafes scattered across Wellington, all run by Katie Richardson, who is renowned for her amazing vegan and vegetarian food. The salad selections are second to none.

12. Midnight Espresso

This iconic Cuba Street café has a massive selection of vegan and vegetarian cabinet food, with their famously huge vegetarian or vegan nachos. Bring an appetite - they've got darn good milkshakes on offer too.

13. Delxue

This small quick-service counter-food café offers a range of delicious salads, vegan sandwiches, and fresh daily baking. A stalwart of the vege-friendly dining scene, this establishment knows how to pack its with punch.