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February 4th marks the end of the calm before the storm. 2019 is the year legendary coach Steve Hansen aims to make history by steering his All Blacks through to a third back-to-back triumph at the Rugby World Cup in Japan.

He kicks off his big year on stage at Circa Theatre, in an exclusive and intimate conversation with his friend Ian Fraser. He talks about the World Cup campaign, life with the All Blacks, the path that has taken him to the pinnacle of world rugby – with reflections on the state of the game and the state of the nation. We can promise it will be a revealing and sometimes hilarious encounter. As connoisseurs of Steve Hansen will know, this is a man who has more up his sleeve than just his arm!

Rugby won’t have played such a big role at Circa since the theatre hosted the 1981 New Zealand premiere production of Greg McGee’s classic Foreskin’s Lament.

An Audience with Steve Hansen is a one night show purpose-built for Wellington. This is a city that prizes its theatre, music, art and dance – as you do in the Cultural Capital – but it is also a town that loves its rugby. On February 4th the arts and sport will enjoy a unique coming together in this special fundraiser for Circa Theatre – and the host of theatre artists who make Circa their professional home over the course of a year.

Adding to the fun will be an appearance by Tom Scott, New Zealand’s wittiest man and a true man for all seasons. Cartoonist, writer, playwright, moviemaker, Tom is an inveterate fan of the great game. It will be his task to kick off An Audience with Steve Hansen.

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