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One particular style of bubbly, however, leads the forefront in its’ ability to transform most occasions into a fête: Pétillant-naturel. More commonly referred to in the truncated, pét-nat is no new creation (the process of production is known as Méthode Ancestrale, afterall), though it's time under the spotlight is.

Our belief in pét-nat stems from the capacity for which they can showcase varietal and place. These are not wines that are produced to highlight mastery of interventions- rather, to show purity of fruit, a season, and enjoyment. We also believe that pét-nat is more than a fad, and want to display the diversity of the style from both NZ winemakers as well as those from abroad.

Enter: Fête-nat! We have gathered a range of 15 pét-nats for you to taste at your leisure in a casual setting (our home, really). This is a self-guided tasting of wines from NZ and further afield. The wines range in color, haziness, sweetness, and texture. Regardless if pét-nat is a brave new territory in the world of wine, or as familiar as your own backyard, this is a great opportunity to try a wide array side by side in a relaxed setting and hang-out. Tastes of all wines, and food are included in cost of entry.

Bonne Fête!

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