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Step back in time when bizarre-looking animals dominated life on land and sea, and find out about the greatest extinction the world has ever seen in Permian Monsters: Life Before the Dinosaurs.

This international travelling exhibition brings the past back to life with fossilised skeletons and full-size life, moving models of the animals that ruled the world... years before the age of dinosaurs, in a time known as the Permian.

The exhibition blends art and science with a collection of artwork which offers a glimpse back in time through the eyes of award winning paleo-artist Julius Csotonyi. View fossilised skeletons and reconstructed models of these amazing but bizarre creatures that dominated land and sea, and dig and identify fossils in the interactive dig pits throughout the exhibition.

See giant insects, bizarre looking sharks and strange reptiles with mammal-like characteristics. Meet the top predator of the time, the giant sabre-toothed gorgonopsid inostrancevia and find out what nearly killed them all to make way for Earth's next rulers, the dinosaurs.

Permian Monsters: Life Before the Dinosaurs is a travelling exhibition produced by Gondwana Studios.
Proudly supported by The Wellington Regional Amenities Fund and GNS Science Te Puu Ao.

Entry by Donation.

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