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Q&A with 7 Days' Paul Ego

The much-loved Friday night fixture 7 Days is turning 10 this year, and they're hitting the road to celebrate! And like any ten-year old's birthday, there will be plenty of chaos, laughter, tears and junk food.

Paul ego for web

This is your chance to see the cast of the show live - without the cameras, editors or censors to hold them back! Ahead of their special live show, we caught up with Team Captain Paul Ego, and found out what makes 7 Days Live a unique experience, and why you should head along.

How did you join the 7 Days cast?

We’d shot a pilot for the show and it was really, really funny. Then I got a phone call while I was touring with the Comedy Festival saying that TV3 were actually going to make the show and they wanted me to be a team captain. Greatest night of my comedy life getting that call - I think I even let out a little squeal.

What are some of your most memorable moments from 7 Days?

For me the most special moments are when people come up to you on the street and say things like “We watch 7 Days as a family, we never miss it” and “7 Days always cheers me up at the end of a s**t week”.

What’s your favourite segment of the show?

The catering. The beetroot salad is particularly good.

What makes a 7 Days Live show different to seeing it on TV?

Well there’s no beetroot salad I can tell you that much! But that’s made up for with the huge potential for mayhem.

What do you enjoy about bringing the show to Wellington?

The Michael Fowler Centre is a great venue, the Wellington crowd always has a great energy and riding the Bucket Fountain is a great way of capping off the night.

How would you describe 7 Days Live in three words?

Professional Comedy Chaos.

Grab your tickets to see 7 Days Live at the Michael Fowler Centre on 23 November.