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Search Transport Services

BAXI stands for biketaxi. We are committed to providing a fun, alternative form of short haul transportation in Wellington's CBD. Our fleet of NZ made pedicab's are pedal powered by our friendly, trained pilots and you now have the option to travel our capital in a clean and green manner. We want to help change attitudes to global warming and environmental issues by giving people an opportunity to do something beneficial and help make our cities cleaner and safer for us all. We are also committed to enhancing the good times at a local level, in line with our master plan of universal happiness for all. Keep it wheel!

All our NZ made BAXI®s are actually large tricycles professionally built by certified engineers. The pilots sit in front of 2 passengers. We have incorporated safety features such as screwed on arm rests, wheel guards, rear disc brakes, front and rear lights, turning indicators, rear view mirrors and even cheerful sounding bells! The maximum carrying capacity is 200 kg but we have a limit of 2 adults or one giant. These vehicles are safe, comfortable and fun to ride in and you will be blown away by the smooth ride.