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School trips to the capital

Make the coolest little capital your classroom for the day. Easy to navigate and with heaps to explore - nature, art, politics, history, science, culture - take your pick!

Wellington offers oodles of activities for kids to enjoy and learn from when here on a school trip. There is a broad range of activities on offer from digging up dinosaur bones and fossils, to looking into space and dreaming of being an astronaut. Many of our key educational centres have curriculum linked programmes to ensure your class gets the most out of their trip.

Planning resources

To help teachers with their planning, we have free resources which encourage students to look at Wellington from a different angle. Whether you are planning a short walk through the city or a series of visits to the capital’s unique national institutions, these guides will help to provide some shape, imagination and creativity to your visit.

The ChangeAgent resource will focus teacher planning by connecting and deepening student learning before and after visits to two or more of Wellington’s unique places. It takes a concept-led and critical thinking approach to explore how national institutions work together to shape, support, and define New Zealand society. And, when your class is in the city, the Trail Sheets will encourage students to seek out symbols and structures which tell of Wellington’s social, cultural and political histories.

Trail sheets

These trail sheets will add interest and intrigue to your walk through the capital. Each trail takes one to two hours and covers around 2km of walking. The routes can be easily incorporated into scheduled visits to Wellington’s many national institutions. Select the theme which best matches your trip learning objectives.

Somewhere to sleep

Wellington has loads of accommodation options. From inner city backpacker style accommodation, to a place in the great outdoors with cabins, heaps of open space, and a confidence course to boot - Wellington has something to suit your requirements.

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Getting around

Downtown Wellington is very compact - just 2km in diameter, so if you'll only be exploring the downtown area the easiest way is to walk. To visit Space Place at Carter Observatory or the Botanic Garden, it's just a quick (and fun!) ride up the Cable Car. But if you're going further afield - like to the Zoo, or Zealandia, chartering a coach is probably your best option. The main coach companies for this are Intercity and Newmans.

If you’re staying in or exploring the wider Wellington region, then the trains are a great option, we’re sure the kids would love a train ride! And if you're heading over to Matiu/Somes Island or Eastbourne then you'll need the East By West Ferry.