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Search Sights & activities

High-tech, magical puzzles, mysterious and intricate storylines, super immersive themes and game designs. Escape Mate is the ultimate venue for epic group activities situated in the heart of Wellington.

Boasting automated, electronic and interactive puzzles, Escape Mate provides an exquisite group experience, featuring two gripping 60-minute games with captivating scenarios with a nonlinear game structure.

Be prepared for a fun-filled, challenging game, where everyone will have to work together to accomplish their mission.

Explore the ancient temple ruins of a long lost civilization and save the world from Apocalypse by sealing the Death Gods in ‘The Temple’ mission or enter a real 1930’s bank vault, for our new game, into the ‘SPACESHIP', which is signalling the armada for an impending alien invasion. You must work as a team to decrypt and solve all of the alien technology inside, solve the mysteries, repair the ship's engines and disable the signal that will doom the planet. In both missions, you’ll need to collaborate and use your creative problem-solving skills to make it out in time.

Suitable for all ages, all occasions. Perfect for corporate and family events, birthdays, kids’ parties and more, 7 days a week.

Quality games, outstanding customer service, five-star online rating is our service guarantee.  

Bookings essential!