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Mojo Coffee Central

Coffee Central, Mojo Coffee's HQ and Roastery, is on Wellington's waterfront in historic Shed 13.

This building is a Historic Places Trust Category One registered building and Mojo is very proud to have returned this glorious building back to its historic roots - a working waterfront factory.

Shed 13 is open to the public and is a popular waterfront attraction. Visitors can enjoy the smell of freshly roasted coffee and see the coffee roasting process while taking in the heritage values of the original interior, including the original pulley systems.

Owner Steve Gianoutsos says 'for us, it's our hub; a place for staff to gather, be trained and immerse themselves in our business. It's also a great opportunity for this city to show off our incredible coffee culture - it's all about opening the doors to the coffee industry."

It's a great place to get all things coffee (and tea!). Its retail store sells freshly roasted coffee, ground to order, as well as a full range of coffee accessories.