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Search Sights & activities

Wanna learn Beyoncé's Single Ladies? Napolean Dynamite's talent show performance? Michael Jackson's Beat It? We hear your excitement and no, this is not a dream, we are real. We exist. Your dream fitness class is finally here.

A 45 minute non-stop dance class with smiling and sweating guaranteed. Each session is a surprise and you'll come away having learned a routine from the 80's like Greased Lightning, or the 90's like Oops I Did It Again, or something from the 00's like Destiny's Child's Survivor.

Is your heart beating 'cause you know in another life you totally could have been a back-up dancer for Justin Bieber and this is your chance to live that fantasy? Honestly? You're probably right.

Wait what was that? You think you're still too uncoordinated? Well fortunately for you, we don't use mirrors. Even if we "couldn't dance" we wouldn't know. No mirrors, no problem. We don't take photos or videos of our classes because our focus is on how good it feels to dance - not how you look.

If you can lose your inhibitions and release your inner diva/dork, then, well... We'll be seeing you at class soon!

Please see specific times below or visit our website.

5:45pm @ Te Auaha
7:45pm @ Petone, Kāpiti and Johnsonville

9:30am @ Crofton Downs
7:45pm @ Island Bay

7:45pm @ Wellington CBD
8:15pm @ Porirua

9:45am @ Te Auaha