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A full-scale working adaptation of Stonehenge has been built right here in Aotearoa, allowing all New Zealanders to experience the wonders of stone circles for themselves. Situated in the Wairarapa countryside, a short distance from Wellington.

Stonehenge Aotearoa is similar in size and appearance to Stonehenge on Salisbury plain, but is not a replica. It is a complete and working observatory designed for it precise location in New Zealand. Visitors can rediscover the knowledge of their ancestors. It incorporates ancient Egyptian, Babylonian & Indus Valley astronomy, Polynesian navigation & Celtic and Maori starlore.

We recommend visitors attend one of our guided tours which provides a complete experience and is tailored to the weather conditions. Ancient history and star-lore is the central theme of our tours which include tales from antiquity of the solstices, equinoxes and the signs of the zodiac. When guided tours are not available self-guided treks are usually available.

Guided tours

  • Adults - $20
  • Senior citizens (65+) - $15
  • Students - $5

Please book beforehand to ensure your place, tour numbers are limited. Allow at least an hour for your tour and please arrive about 10 minutes before your session begins.

Self-guided tours

We provide a map of the stones and a short audio-visual guide that shows you how the stones work.  

  • Adults - $10
  • Seniors - $8
  • Students - $5

You do not need to book for a self-guided trek.