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Where to watch the sunrise

There's nothing quite like watching the sun rise over Wellington. The sun eases up from behind layers of blue mountains, casting a rosy-tinged glow across the harbour and cityscape. Some things are worth getting up early for; here's our pick of the best spots to seize the day:

Mount Victoria

Mount Victoria

One of the most popular places to get a view over the city and harbour, Mount Victoria Lookout is a Wellington must-do.

Right next door to the central business district, you can drive all the way up, or take a walkway through the Town Belt. Watch planes flying into the airport, and ferries sailing out through the harbour with a 360-degree panorama.

You’ll find a steady stream of locals, visitors and tour buses head up to this landmark lookout during the day, but if you’re aiming to catch the dawn, it’ll be a good deal quieter. It's also an incredible spot to watch the sun set.

Eastern Walkway

eastern walkway harbour entrance

Overlooking the entrance to Wellington Harbour, the Eastern Walkway is a scenic coastal walk that feels removed from the bustle of city life, while only being a short drive from the centre of town. 

The walkway also takes in the historic Ataturk Memorial, and the memorial to the Wahine Disaster of 1968. The walk takes around an hour and a half, with gorgeous dawn views most of the way around.

Wellington Regional Trails

For detailed maps, pics and information about Wellington's most popular walking and mountain biking trails visit the Wellington Regional Trails website.