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Search Sights & activities

Wellington Circus Trust (WCT) was created in 2005 to facilitate the development of both recreational and professional circus in Wellington. Since then it has developed a broad range of circus education for recreational participants through to serious circus students intent on a performance career.

WCT offers term based after school training for children aged eight to 12 years and teens aged 13 to 18 years plus evening classes for adults, as well as running programmes for preschoolers (three and four years), school age children five to 12 years, teenagers 12 to 18 years and adults of all ages.

Disciplines include:

Circus Acrobatics (tumbling, hand balance, adagio/partner balance)
Aerials (tissu/silks, trapeze, aerial ring, rope, Chinese pole)
Equilibristics (unicycle; rollabola; walking globe; tightwire; ladder)
Juggling (balls, clubs, rings, diablo, devil stick, poi, spinning staff, hula hoops)
and more...

WCT is offering visiting school groups the opportunity to visit its training space and participate in introductory level 'Have a Go' workshops. These may be tailored somewhat to suit the age group, timing and needs of a group. Two-hour sessions are popular as there are so many activities to try!