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The Holocaust Centre of New Zealand provides a moving experience which tells the stories of the survivors and victims of Nazi persecution who came to New Zealand. Read their stories, see DVDs of their testimony, and learn the history of the Holocaust. Through testimony and experience, the museum and research centre aspires to empower individuals to stand against prejudice and apathy. 

The displays focus on Holocaust and New Zealand. You will see:

  • Jewish life before and after the Holocaust
  • New Zealand responses to the Holocaust and Jewish refugees
  • The experience of the Holocaust told through the stories of New Zealand Holocaust survivors
  • Powerful video testimonies of a Holocaust survivors telling their stories
  • Library of Holocaust literature and texts
  • Exhibitions on Holocaust survivors.

Auschwitz to Aotearoa exhibition

An exhibition which depicts the lives of nine women who were all interned in concentration camps in Nazi Europe and later immigrated to New Zealand.

New Zealand Children's Holocaust Memorial Project: the Button Memorial

1.5 million children died in the Holocaust. This enormous number is too great for children to grasp—until you make it real. So the children of former Moriah School decided to find out what 1.5 million really means. Over a period of two and a half years the children collected 1.5 million buttons. School students can view the 1.5 million buttons collected and hear more about the New Zealand Children's Holocaust Memorial project

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