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Are waffles the new black?

By Heather 16 Sep 2015 • 12 Comments

Loretta waffles

Everywhere I go lately I’m seeing waffles. Not just long-time favourites like the ricotta and berries at Sweet Mother's Kitchen, or Leuven’s weekday load-em-up fruit variety, but all manner of savoury and sweet. 

So to answer this most important question, I decided to undertake a waffle mission.

Here's what I found:


Pandoro Allen Street

Their black doris and chocolate ganache waffles were well textured with rich complimentary flavours. I ran out of plum before I ran out of either chocolate or waffle, but didn’t need the whole plateful anyway. They also offer jam and cream, or salted caramel versions (I note the black doris and chocolate has since changed to banana and bacon).

Sweet Mother's Kitchen

Despite not being sure I could stomach fried chicken in the morning, I was well surprised. The sweet maple complimented the tender and tangy buttermilk chicken nicely, and the waffle provided some carb balance. I may just eat all chicken this way in future (although beware the waffles beneath the chicken go soggy fast so deconstruct quickly).


It was a close run thing between the smoked pears with hot Byrds custard, nuts and candied bacon or the savoury Tuscan, relish, cheese and spiced sausage. But given my curiosity about unusual options,Tuscan it was. I really enjoyed the balance of flavours and felt rather Mediterranean by the end, wishing I’d ordered a glass of wine as well. These guys have the most interesting toppings around town in my view, and excellent value at $12.

Mama Brown

The beauty here is creating your own masterpiece from a list of waffle extras. Although the ice cream was calling, I decided to have a crack (ha!) at scrambled eggs and crispy bacon for good measure. Again, the savoury was nicely enhanced by the touch of maple, and I’m going back real soon for more of that smokey bacon (possibly even with vanilla ice cream….).


Here you decide how many layers of flavour you fancy by starting with delicious golden waffles and a base syrup (in this case elderflower and blackcurrent), then decide yes or no to suggested additions (yes to the coconut yoghurt and no to the bacon). Given the delicious golden waffle and unique flakey coconut yoghurt, I’m glad I didn’t overload it.

The Little Waffle Shop

Nutritionists and health fanatics turn away now. Light and crispy waffles are lashed (literally) with any kind of sweetness you can imagine – oreos, white chocolate, gooey caramel, the list is endless. I figured the lemon meringue pie with slightly scorched meringue might provide a little protein balance, but not really. I’d recommend LWS for dessert. Hard to argue at $7 but note BYO seating.


The buckwheat and nutmeg waffles were a surprise as neither the menu nor staff indicated the topping, other than to ask if I wanted bacon. I’m glad I ordered crispy bacon as it added texture to the soft cinnamon and cardamom spiced poached cherries beneath, offset by a dollop of yoghurt and slivers of almond and dark chocolate. Great flavours together.

Little Beer Quarter

LBQ’s Visa Wellington on a Plate ‘Lets Do Brunch’ burger in waffle buns - I know this was a one-off but I was intrigued to see how it’d work. Good flavours and textures, but a soggy bottom fairly fast from the baked beans. Just goes to show there’s no limit to what you can do with a waffle though.

And here’s a few I didn’t get to: 

  • Fidels fried chicken and toasted almonds.
  • Drexels build your own.
  • Welly Waffles at the entrance to Capital Markets on Willis Street.
  • Ti Kouka’s cocoa nib and mandarin waffle, although beware it might be nearly menu change time and I don't know if they are a regular feature. 

Holy Batman. I think waffles really might be the new black. 

Any others we should be checking out?

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  • Lievre on 29 Sep 2015

    The Hot Wafel - they've been around for over 2 years as a food cart and sell traditional Belgian Waffles...

  • Adam on 28 Sep 2015

    That Welly waffles by capital market is pretty good too ,I try there fresh strawberries waffle last week was epic,

  • Heather Clinton on 28 Sep 2015

    Superb, added to the to-do list!

  • V on 28 Sep 2015

    im going to mention the frogurt store too cos you can have a scoop of frogurt on a waffle - delish!

  • Daniel on 25 Sep 2015

    The Frogurt Store on Courtenay Place (near Tommy Millions) also does generous servings of waffles in two sizes, with a variety of options for toppings and the option of adding frozen yoghurt as an extra.

  • HeatherC on 24 Sep 2015

    Am salivating already guys! Have Beramphore on my to-do-soon list....

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