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World-class entertainment at WOW®

1 Oct 2015

WOW_CREDIT Tinker, Jeff Thomson, New Zealand. 2015 WOW(R) Awards Show. (C)World of WearableArt Ltd.
Tinker, Jeff Thomson, New Zealand
Photo credit: 2015 WOW® Awards Show. ©World of WearableArt Ltd.

Cliches may be the most cringe worthy of literary devices but I feel that in this situation it is completely justified as my experience at the 2015 World of WearableArt Awards Show was, just, plainly, WOW.

It's difficult to put this two hour visual explosion into words, as I spent the entire time mesmerized by the feast of dance, theatre, sound and light that engulfed the TSB Bank Arena. It was an absolute smorgasbord for the senses, from the opening scene where a man quite literally flew (yes, I am talking airborne entry) into a volcanic plateau sitting perched on top of a cloud.

The stage was set as a dystopian landscape filled with smoking vents that gave birth to nothing other than uniform clad school children (think that sounds unusual, try seeing it), and for a second I forgot that I was here to view wearable creations and got lost in some kind of real life Roald Dahl novel.

WOW Scene Change Air New Zealand Aoteroa Section American Express Open Section CREDIT 2015 WOWR Awards Show. C World of WearableArt Ltd. Photo credit: 2015 WOW® Awards Show. ©World of WearableArt Ltd.

It’s fair to say that my temporary awestruck amnesia wore off the second the first category of creations stormed onto stage, pouring colour and design into the sepia toned stage - a clever visual juxtaposition.  It is beyond comprehension the attention to detail that went into these garments. With names such as “Tinker” and “Crystallization” accompanying wearable art that ranged from a florescent, web of metal toys to a modern day Queen of Hearts, I spent the whole time wondering what on Earth was coming next.

It was a wearable journey from Aotearoa to the Underworld, the circus (honestly, the twins on the trapeze), to the realm of children’s imaginary friends. If people wondered what Walt Disney was thinking when he wrote Alice in Wonderland, this was similar quality vision, but rather fueled with the many minds of designers from all around the world. All of this is enhanced by a theatrical ride through themes such as love, marriage and friendship.

Duo Elja
Photo credit: 2015 WOW® Awards Show. ©World of WearableArt Ltd.

I wondered if my reaction and excitement was due to being a ‘WOW® virgin’ but even talking to seasoned veteran viewers of the show- the consensus was that the 2015 Awards Show is “on another level completely”. My boss (who could pretty much be a connoisseur of shows with the sheer amount he attends) said “this is what world-class entertainment is”, and that is an accurate summary. 

I could sit here for hours throwing around a thesaurus full of adjectives and verbs, trying in vain to paint a picture of the WOW® experience, but this simply a show you need to see yourself.  My only critique would be that now I have developed somewhat of a ‘visual appetite’ which, on top of my already existing appetites, is another burden to fair (and feed). I guess that’s the price of viewing a mind blowingly good show!

Missed out on seeing the show this year? I'd definitely recommend you plan ahead for the 2016 season to ensure you've secured the hottest tickets in town!

For those who have attended; what was your stand-out?

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