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Berhampore's the business!

By Heather 16 Nov 2015 • 5 Comments

There’s so much going on in Berhampore food-wise these days, that I recently took a couple of trips to explore. 

To keep this succinct, I’ve listed the five things you need to know about each place, and a range of pictures to show you what’s what.

The Baker Gramercy:

  • The orange and almond brioche equalled my Nikau gold standard for sliced brioche, orangey and moorish.
  • The seed bread was delicious, seedy and flavourful. A cut above the rest.
  • These guys supply most of the other Berhampore food outlets as well as many in the CBD, so word is out.
  • The coffee is Supreme, and they'll also produce delightful-looking fluffies for Miss or Mr Junior.
  • The only seating is a few stools at the window (through which I smugly watched wet stragglers while enjoying my brioche) and a couple of tables out front for fine days.

Celie’s Milkbar and Waffle House:

  • YOU MUST GO HERE AT ONCE (you were so right Mike). The waffles are melt-in-the-mouth tender, let alone with delcious toppings like caramel apple and ice cream.
  • There are other options like avocado on Gramercy sourdough with vanilla lime drizzle, or southern fried chicken.
  • All-you-can-eat waffles for $20 on Fridays or you can rent the venue for private functions (a waffle party, coooool!).
  • If you have any vintage posters lying around not used, Nicole will gladly take them off your hands to continue her decorating.
  • Celie’s is one uncovered block south of the main village. Karma and smugness - yep I reaped what I sowed and got a drenching!

Rinski Korsakov’s Café:

  • Originally a small coffee shop/record store called Evil Genius, now a funky cafe with interesting art, greenery and recycled furniture.
  • Be prepared to mix it with the locals playing ball or sucking up their daily fix of calcium through a fabulously coloured straw. Check out Melody and Sadie's arm action below.
  • The berry and choc chip muffin was densely populated with both chocolate and berries. I conceded defeat and took half home (having not yet developed four stomaches like a ruminoid).
  • They have a well-priced blackboard menu of brunch and open sandwiches, and are rated for their coffees. No decaf though.
  • Late night Fridays with varying dinner specials to mark the end of the week (keep an eye on their Facebook page).

Adelaide Trading Co Licensed Deli:

  • Opened by John and Z (Snook) in June of this year, and settling into their groove.
  • As much made in-house as possible for use in their dishes or take home - grapefruit marmalade, house-smoked kippers, pickled vegetables, sourdough loaves, pies, the list goes on.
  • The Reuben sandwich was light and well balanced, and the house baked beans were lightly spiced on rustic potatoes (spot the theme?).
  • Licenced so you can enjoy a glass of wine or craft beer.
  • There’s karate on view through the glass rear wall, so don’t be surprised if you somehow wind up at the counter buying Icing Academy ninja cookies to take home.

Goose Shack HQ:

  • The goose burger is truly goose, was tasty, and came with such fantastic many-times-cooked fries that I'm still salivating, and I’m not the chip fiend.
  • They have a fiery wench called Carol (check her out in the pics below).
  • They're also well in tune with the community, doing relish swaps with the locals and offering up $10 pizza Tuesdays, and Sunday dinner deals.
  • The house punch of  guava, feijoa, apple, chammoile and peppermint was delicious. Feijoa and delicious in the same sentence, who’d’ve thought.
  • Fun build-your-own ice cream sandwiches, although there’s truly no help for the one who chose choc chip ice cream between choc chip cookies.
  • Interesting takeaways - crumbed black pudding, smoked pork croquettes, parmesan gremolata crumbed fish, chargrilled roasted veges, doughnuts on a stick.
  • To be found at markets, events and The Third Eye on summer weekends in their morris minor ute, with the only mobile charcoal oven of its kind in Australiasia (seven, oops, put me on a stick and roast me, but there’s just so much to tell you).

And you know a place has really made it when they have their own BMD art wall. Keen to hear about your Berhampore experiences?

BMD art wall

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  • Ngaire on 22 Nov 2015

    We've know it's cool for years - now the secret is out!

  • Kerryn Pollock on 20 Nov 2015

    If you love Berhampore you should check out the super-fabulous new book 'Berhampore: Stories of a School and Suburb', a 184-page survey of the history of this place. It's available for $40 from the Berhampore School office, Rinski Korsakov's or by emailing [email protected]

  • Heather on 19 Nov 2015

    And I froze the rest and it came out of the freezer beautifully, then lightly toasted on a cheese board with Meyer Fenugreek, mmmm ...

  • Linda on 19 Nov 2015

    I can't wait to get down and see my old neighbourhood. I grew up here in the 60s when its claim to fame was a baker, a greengrocer, a butcher, a dairy or two, a bookshop, a furniture store and a post office. The baker made the best pies ever and we'd get them for school lunches on a Friday. It looks fabulous now.

  • Jason on 19 Nov 2015

    The Seed loaf at Bakery Gramercy is more than delicious. It's the best multigrain bread I have ever had, and I eat a lot of it. The first day I eat it sliced, you don't even need to add any spread, it's that good. From the second day I choose to toast it, all you need is some low fat spread or butter. So much flavour. Either way it's my favourite accompaniment for coffee. The best way to start a morning.

    The sweet stuff is great too, I just can't go past the seed loaf.

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