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Bethel Woods: Meat, beer and music

5 Oct 2015

Bethel Woods is named (you guessed it) after the 1969 Woodstock festival, and this is reflected throughout the bar, from the décor to the music. James Coldrey-Mobbs, Commercial Manager, says that Bethel Woods is completely inspired from the festival and that the “meat, beer and music” bar is all about “American fun times”.

I went for after work drinks with my pal on a pretty cold spring evening. We decided to brave the rooftop bar despite the chill, because, well, it's a rooftop. I’m glad we did because it was seriously cool up there, all bright green AstroTurf and strings of pretty coloured lights. I can imagine that it would be amazing up there in the summer on a Friday at 5pm after a particular… ahem… 'trying' day at work.

It really is a great place for an after work drink. They’ve got more than 18 beers on offer – from your classics to your heavier craft beers. Whatever beer ya drink, they’ve got it. It can get pretty busy, so slip out early if you’ve got a cool boss and suss yourself a table.

Now anyone who has read any of my other blogs will know that I love my soul food – after a meal I want my belly to be warm, my fingers to be sticky and my grin to be huge… and Bethel Woods is all about the soul food.

They’ve got a wood smoker on site, and they’ll smoke your spiced lamb shoulder or your Carolina mustard pulled pork for between five to twelve hours low and slow… can you just imagine how tender that would be? Actually don’t imagine – just go try it.

What about some mac and cheese to go with your slow cooked lamb shoulder? Or chipotle ‘slaw? Or you could always go for some Boston smoked beans and the mash and gravy. You can choose two sides to go with your amazing wood smoked meat and I suggest you get amongst them.

We went all out and got the “Sticky Fingers Platter” and a bottle of a damn good Dr. Renwick rose. The platter was sticky for sure – sticky BBQ chicken waaaangs, jalapeño and cheddar croquettes, sticky ribs and fries with chipotle mayo and avocado ranch dip. It was awesome. We felt pretty fat afterwards but it was all worth it when we licked the final remnants of sticky BBQ sauce off our fingers and grinned at each other.

Even after that we still considered dessert (just so I could write about it you know…) and even though the snickers cheesecake and banana split with fudge sauce sounded to die for, we decided we’d probably eaten enough. If anyone else tries the desserts though please let me know your thoughts!

Located at 73 The Terrace, they’ve got live music happening on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday every week. Get there for an after work drink and feed – you won’t regret it. 

Bethel Woods 3

Bethel Woods

Bethel Woods is the home of rocking music, slow cooked meat and beer with a rooftop bar on The Terrace.

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