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Boquita: eat food, mostly tacos

By Tom 9 Jan 2019 • 2 Comments

boquita taco hands Photo credit: Tom Huthwaite

Boquita is La Boca Loca’s clean-eating, vege-loving little sister. Coming up two years old, I can’t believe Boquita has flown under my radar for so long. El Jefe, Lucas Putnam, prides his eatery on delicious, plant-based Mexican food, with no nasties, no short-cuts and no compromise on flavour – and he delivers in full. 

Boquita can be found on Kent Terrace, just down from the Embassy Theatre. Its kitchen is simple, its murals colourful and its specials change regularly. The menu is taco-focused, as reflected in the mural on the restaurant wall which proudly proclaims their slogan:

Eat food, not too much, mostly tacos.

And with tacos this good, that's a slogan I could easily live by.  

Boquita 371a
Photo credit: Tom Huthwaite

These tacos deserve special mention, as they are hand-pressed, beautiful purple, soft tortillas filled with creative fillings of tofu, tempeh, potato, falafel, or mushroom. We ordered one of each and passed them around depending on personal preference. As far as I’m concerned, the 'one taco to rule all tacos' is the current potato option: crunchy cardamom potato rosti, with beetroot-ganoush and tangy salsa.

Boquita 6a
Boquita - tacos
Photo credit: Tom Huthwaite

The two salad options are crunchy and inspired: a mexi slaw with spicy sunflower seeds; and a unique citrus cauliflower ceviche proving that ceviche need not be fish-based. The empanadas, so often pastry-heavy, are soft pillows of colour and flavour which changes daily. I don’t think I’ve ever had one like these. And, if you’re feeling like something sweet, ask for the dessert empanada, which at the moment features chocolate with Fix & Fogg's Smoke & Fire peanut butter.

But as much as I enjoyed all of the above, what I’ll be back for imminently are the nachitos: yellow-and purple-corn crispy totopos served with cinnamon mole beans, chipotle hummus, beet salsa, and guacamole. The combination is so different to our usual concept of nachos, and I’m not sure I can ever go back.

For those wondering, Boquita is a way of saying 'small eats'. But here, it’s much more than just Mexican snack food.  Fresh, green and lively, it’s the type of food I could eat any time of day. Just like that, Boquita has launched itself to the top of my list for a quick and fresh takeaway lunch, afternoon snack, or walk-in dinner.

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Mexican the way your mama’s mama’s mama made it.

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  • David on 20 Jan 2019

    I LOVE this place. I never thought I would go away from a pork taco, but by golly these are so vege tacos are AMAZING. Every time I love it.

  • David on 20 Jan 2019

    I LOVE this place. I never thought I would go away from a pork taco, but by golly these are so vege tacos are AMAZING. Every time I love it.

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