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Coene's Provisions - A timely reminder

By Heather 12 Mar 2015 • 5 Comments

Coenes tuna bites 1024x768

Coene’s Provisions in the Port Nich Yacht Club is the latest offering from the Williams Pub Company. Given the ANZAC commemorations approaching, it’s a timely reminder of some of this country’s history.

Commander Edgar Coene from America was stationed here during World War II to direct naval troops based in the South Pacific (check out the black and whites on the wall). Flash to the modern day and Will Crutchley has come from New York to once again direct the troops, this time to feed the metropolitan masses.

I had a pile of questions burning a hole in my pocket. Do the chefs just throw a line off the balcony to catch said dinner? How will they move along the view hoggers? Have they managed to make me feel like I'm in my own living room, like their other establishments have? And is the ghost of Marty still prowling the kitchen? Phew. I decided to launch straight into it.

The chefs damned near throw a line off the balcony. Shortly a local fisherman will sail up each day with fresh fish to be magicked into that day’s specials. Hard to say you get it that fresh elsewhere!

I had no trouble from those view hoggers, in fact we enjoyed the views together. There are plenty of views for all, with the inner booths and tables being taller than the window ones.

The mood is relaxed Kiwi-American diner; the menu's focused on sharing plates, the view spectacular, and customer service was excellence without intrusion (their staff were all very welcoming, friendly and helpful). Oh dear, my lounge clearly has a long way to go.

As to the ghost of Marty - not spotted or heard, but possibly lurking given the goodly number of seafood dishes on offer. Items that caught my eye included:

  • Liquored iced sodas. The Celery Man hit the mark perfectly.
  • Beer and cheese fondue with vegemite and croutons (pictured). Using Brewdog Pilsner from Scotland. Tasty, but the New Yorker clearly under-estimated the vegemite capacity of us hardy kiwi kids.
  • Crispy tuna bites with sweet chili, avocado and chipotle cream (pictured). Very pretty and well balanced (literally and gastronomically).
  • Feta, caramelized onion, cranberry and mixed greens flatbread (pictured). Tasty. And must surely boost the 5+ count for the day.
  • Snapper ceviche, lime and corn chips. Next time.
  • Blue warehou with citrus ginger breadcrumb crust. Definitely no lunch first next time.
  • Chicken katsu sandwich with bulldog mayo, hand cut chips or salad greens. Or just come here for lunch first.
  • Avocado panna cotta with sangria coulis. Intriguing.
  •  Crème brulee French toast with berry compote and syrup. Yep, I’m definitely coming back for breakfast.
  • Sausage slider, English muffin, cheddar and poached egg. And bringing a friend (the beef burger was also sampled on our visit and noted as being the easiest burger ever to eat between flat English muffins).

You will recognize local liquids (Panhead, ParrotDog, Tuatara, Garage Project, Six Barrell) and find most of the wines by the glass to be NZ.

In synergy with other WPC ventures, Coene’s also like to aim for service moments of excellence (their words), support the community by sponsoring individuals, community groups or teams, and hosting fund raising quiz events.

You’d be doing the country a service.

Open seven days from 8am.

FinalCoenes 39

Coene's Bar & Eatery

Eat, drink and socialise with the best view in Wellington.

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  • Heather Clinton on 10 Apr 2015

    Oh no, that doesn't sound a good experience Simon. Yes they are certainly aiming more at the tasting plate concept than standard pub fare. Maybe you should give them your feedback, so they know what to improve.

  • simon on 09 Apr 2015

    just another pub, but more miserly!
    seafood was frozen!!!

  • Heather Clinton on 13 Mar 2015

    Hi Amanda. The WPC guys say 'Ko-ins' (like Coen brothers the film-makers). Although apparently someone with some yacht club history has mentioned that it may have been pronounced 'Ko-knees' back in the day, so research is ongoing. We shall have to listen on each visit!

  • Amanda Morrison on 13 Mar 2015

    Food is delicious here. but I have a question - how do you say the name?

  • Astro on 12 Mar 2015

    Seriously? This is restaurant review?

    Try again.

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