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Easter eggs-ellence

By Heather 4 Apr 2017 • 2 Comments

Schoc eggs

Since we talked about buns last year (stop that, you know what I mean) and nearly died from a salted caramel coma the year before, we figured we should focus on eggs this time.

So I’ve been scratching around (ha!) and found lots of eggs, a few chickens, a kiwi, plenty of caramel and marshmallow, and bucketloads of bunnies. Including some crazy-eyed ones which should surely come with a ‘viewer discretion’ warning. 



To warm into the task, I started with a Bohemein white chocolate egg for a silky sweet fix (yes I promise to repent one day), and was not disappointed. 

If you want to personalise your egg, you can order a 15 character proclamation for medium eggs, or a 10 character one for small eggs, as along as you book at Bohemein by Tuesday 11 April. 

You should also take home a cinnamon bunny or six (cinnamon spiced caramel centres), because one will never be enough. Including this year’s new mulled port ganache bunny. Mmmm mmm. 

Cameo Chocolates

Michelle of Cameo Chocolates makes her treats from a blend of 50% and 62% Whittakers chocolate, selling online and through the Thorndon Farmers Market. 

Her Easter products can be made with white, milk, 50%, 62% or 72% cocoa, and range from small chocolate animals and bunnies, to hollow eggs filled with small chocolate animals and bunnies (the chocolate equivalent of turducken?), or a large rocky road egg. 

I was rather taken with her raspberry marshmallow (not overly sweet), and the idea of a rocky road egg.

WARNING: Slightly disturbing bunny faces follow.

Wellington Chocolate Factory

Thankfully I had a break from freaky rabbits at the Wellington Chocolate Factory. Their egg this year hatches (am I on fire or what?) a solid chocolate chicken nesting on roasted coconut shards from the Phillipines. 

The chocolate is 70% intense, so this is definitely one for savouring or sharing with a friend (I only managed the head on my first go). You can also get the WCF eggs from Luke of The Chocolate Bar at the Saturday Underground Markets

And I might or might not have tried WCF’s new luxury chocolate sundae with giant shards of chocolate out the top (details in our next post). And I might or might not have had to go and lie down to recover.

Baron Hasselhoff

Clayton and crew of Baron Hasselhoff at Beramphore are making Easter mallowpuffs and an Easter-inspired truffle this week. The mallowpuff sounds amazing with cassis marshmallow atop a beetroot and mint shortbread base, all dipped in lovely rich chocolate. I kid you not.

To whet your appetite in the meantime, here are Clayton’s cardamon and orange Easter bunny biscuits, with a stray rosemary sea-salt caramel truffle that somehow hopped into the picture (okay, I'll give it up now). 

Only available at their Beramphore shop. 


Whittakers are another Wellington icon, serving us long and proud since 1896. 

I decided to have a munch on their milk chocolate kiwi and enjoyed the gentle, smooth milkiness after the more intense eats above. 

And 20c of every kiwi sold goes to help Kiwis for Kiwi. Although the irony of eating a kiwi to save a kiwi was not lost on me.

Schoc Chocolate

And even though Schoc are made in Greytown, we'll count them too. 

Their eggs and rabbits are hand-painted (and priced accordingly), so are that much harder to destroy.  However given I’d just recently bitten off a chicken’s head I figured I was equal to the task, and found the taste to be somewhere between milk and dark. Rather pleasant, and gone all too soon.   

Their tablets are also noteworthy, with an excellent range of sugar-free. Including the Easter tablet – Christmasy with additional cinnamon notes.


And when you’re done with chocolate, you can still enjoy Decorada’s Easter ‘eggs’ (or bunnies or carrots). Cookies available at Moore Wilson.


Happy Easter munching!

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  • Melanie Taylor 06/04/2017 6:37pm (13 months ago)

    I agree with Ally. Hoping my Easter treat is a Schoc chocolate one.

  • Ally C 06/04/2017 3:23pm (13 months ago)

    Schoc Chocolate are in Wellington at 31 Waring Taylor Street. Too delish to go past! Their eggs are the best

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