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Get the Karmageddon burger before the Armageddon

5 Nov 2015

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If the Armageddon was tomorrow, the second thing I’d do, after running naked and screaming through the streets and all that, would be to get myself down to Grill Meats Beer on Cuba street for a Karmageddon burger and Karma Cola combo.

Karma Cola have teamed up with Grill Meats Beer (check out my mate Sarah's review of Grill Meats Beer here) to create an apocalyptic burger, with every $1 from burger sales going to the Karma Cola Foundation – which supports cola farmers in Sierra Leone. 

Yeah, that’s right, you get to stuff your face with awesome food while doing good and spreading happy karma. What more of an excuse do you need? Well I’ll give ya one - it tastes frickin good.

I started off the experience with some popcorn fish bites – hot, sweet, succulent fish in crispy batter with creamy tartare sauce and a squeeze of lemon. They were actually amazing, and an awesome way to whet your appetite. And your appetite will definitely need some whetting cos this burger is huge.

When the Karmageddon burger arrived in all its towering glory, my first thought was that it looked pretty intimidating. Intimidatingly delicious. So what was in it? Well, imagine this. Pork shoulder braised in chicken stock, chilli and Karma Cola 'til it is unbelievably sweet and sticky and then lovingly pulled apart and soaked in BBQ sauce. Team that up with a big ol’ juicy beef patty that oozes flavour, perfectly melted smoked cheddar cheese, with the tangier flavours of jalapenos and gherkins to cut through the richness of the meat, and then throw in some crisp lettuce and a loving smother of habanero mayo, all sitting happily between two soft buns. Ah huh – drooling yet?

Now the fries weren’t the hero of the dish but they definitely deserve a special mention - spicy hand cut chilli fries with a silky smooth aioli for dipping. They were the perfect accompaniment.

All this eating had me kinda thirsty. So luckily the Karmageddon is not only marinated in Karma Cola but also comes with an ice cold one too.

I’m not usually one for cola but this was not like any old cola. It’s completely organic and isn’t overly sweet. It’s nutty and refreshing with a pleasant fizz. The cola is complemented by flavours of cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla and citrus and fully lives up to its hashtag of #drinknoevil. The cola nuts used to create this sweet nectar are sourced only from Fairtrade organic farmers in Sierra Leone. Money from every bottle of Karma Cola sold goes back to the Boma and Tiwai communities in Sierra Leone – which you can find out more about here.

The Karmageddon burger combo is only available from Grill Meats Beer, 227 Cuba Street, until the 30th of November 2015. If I were you I would not miss this opportunity – get in there quick!

You can buy Karma Cola in various cafes and restaurants around NZ, as well as from Moore Wilson's and some boutique bottle stores. 


Grill Meats Beer

Grill Meats Beer on Cuba Street is a funky little grill bar with a dynamic atmosphere, great burgers and beers.

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