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Have you grabbed Movember by the balls yet?

By Heather 11 Nov 2015

If not, it's never too late.

Wellington's Go Native are supporting the Movember Foundation by selling tasty (and healthy) salted caramel balls, and donating the profits to the Foundation. Each pack costs $2.99, with $1.00 donated. More about where to find them later. 

Movember is the Foundation’s annual event to encourage men become ‘walking, talking billboards' for men’s health. To talk about things like prostate and testicular cancers, poor mental health and inactivity, and start walking the talk. You never know who among your network has experienced these issues, or might avoid them if checked early.

Balls packet

Go Native was formed by two blokes keen on the great outdoors - Garth who has travelled from Cairo to Riwanda along the wild Nile among other things, and Duncan who’s a bit of a mountain goat too. Being of a certain age where a full health WOF is recommended (you can unclench now, Duncan tells me its nowhere near as dramatic as the wives tales would have you believe), they decided to see what else they could do to support the good work of the Foundation, and so the Movember salted caramel balls were born. Check out Duncan and Henry rocking their mo’s and walking the walk.

Duncan Henry mos

The balls reflect Go Native's other natural nutrient-rich fruit bars and bites, and will be available until they run out (75% of the 15,000 balls already sold - including the one I'm eating right now which Ii can tell you is dense, moorish and satisfying). There are no added sugars, preservatives or anything unholy, and they have a low GI so release their energy slowly. Almonds, desiccated coconut, Himalayan pink rock salt and natural caramel flavour, primarily from the dates; how clever is that?

It turns out their first NZ clients were in fact the All Blacks (wow!), and although their products are sold nation-wide via supermarkets and pharmacies for active folks of any age, they’re also snapped up by elite sports teams. This now includes the Silver Ferns and Blacksticks among many others, and recently the US Mens Field Hockey team. You will also find them online via Amazon.

The bars and bites are one serve of your 7+ a day (who said healthy food can't be fun), you don’t need a pack mule to cart them around (important for endurance adventures), and a really great option in countries where you might not feel confident eating the local fruits and veg. And who knows, you might turn into a super-adventurer like these folks below.

So, where to find these delights? Pharmacies nation-wide and New World Thorndon, Willis and Chaffers. Usually in the fruit and veg section (after all, they're fruit), but also on distinctive wooden displays near the counter.

And lads, unclench and go get them checked. Love the glove. Do what you gotta do. And ladies, the lads’ll do it for you if they know they have your support.

Love the glove Photo credit: Go Native

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