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How do you like your pie?

By Heather 14 Jun 2016 • 3 Comments

Mark Twain liked his for character inspiration (‘Huckleberry’ Finn), Homer likes his ready to throw, Minny proves that revenge is best served cold (in the The Help - NOTE, not for the squeamish!), and Bakels like theirs entered by 23 June for the annual NZ pie awards - winners announced 26 July.

So I thought I’d share some of my favourite pies and pie haunts, and get you to add yours in the comments, so we can spread the pie love this autumn.



Barista lamb shank

I’ve talked about these guys before, but they’re right up there in my book. I finally managed to get my mitts on the impressive-looking lamb shank number and entertained a whole lot of people on my way home with its special carrier (pic at the bottom). The pie was definitely worthy, and the Thai chicken not half bad either. Eat in on weekdays, and enjoy a great People’s Coffee while you’re at it.

Hashigo Zake


The best pie’n’pint combo around town I reckon. Their house-made gourmet pies have light crispy crusts and flavourful, interesting fillings. This time a pork and chorizo, and a cheeseburger version. And there’s a fantastic range of beers to enjoy them with – sour, barrel aged, stouts, saisons, even a doughnut beer! – from an organisation wedded to no-one, and open 362 days a year.



From a small start on the Kapiti coast, Siggy’s have become a Wellington treasure. My favourite is the steak and stout, followed closely by the kumara and coconut (beware the calorie count in that one though!). Available at the Sprig and Fern Thorndon with a pint of your choice, or take-home fromMoore Wilson’s and CBD New Worlds. Also part of Visa Wellington on a Plate (VWOAP).

Blue Belle in Island Bay

Blue Belle veg korma

I tripped over Blue Belle recently and discovered a whole lotta pies. Someone in the kitchen clearly knows what they’re doing with flaky pastry as the one I had was light, flaky and tender. The vegetable korma filling was thick and flavourful, although a little devoid of vegetable chunks (perhaps they were pureeed given the density). As for their custard square, mmmm…

J’aime Bordeaux

Bordeaux jetaime vege

I keep going back to J'aime Bordeaux, previously on The Terrace, now on Featherston Street, for the vegetable pie. Unsauced (woah, did someone non-French sneak into the kitchen?), and with a load of chunky veggies, this pie has a totally different flavour profile from anything else I’ve come across. It's certainly not for celery haters, but is excellent value at $6.50 and I always leave feeling satisfied with my fix.


Montfoort 4

These tender melt-in-the-mouth apple and buttery creations are made by Eloise and Andrew using a traditional Dutch recipe, and available at the Friday Cuba night market or Sunday Habourside market. There’s no way you won’t be in love with these by the second bite, and if Eloise didn’t already have a partner, I’d be on my knees begging her to marry me. Limited supplies, so be in early. 

Sweet Mother's Kitchen

SMK pie

Key lime, peanut butter, or pecan and bourbon anyone? These are a little slice of Wellington, day or night - not just because of the iconic surroundings, but because of their hand-made characteristics. It’d be rude not to sneak in a Po Boy or a few Hush Puppies first before moving onto the sweet finale. I defy you not to go away wanting more.

Pizza is actually a pie too, but I reckon we’ll keep that for after we’ve recovered from this binge!

So where and what are your favourite pies?


Barista carrying

Add your comment

  • Heather on 27 Jul 2016

    Congrats to Pak'n'save Petone who again featured in the annual pie awards -

  • HeatherC on 22 Jun 2016

    Good to know thanks Nicki, will check it out!

  • Nicki Waapu on 16 Jun 2016

    Check out the new pies made on the premises of Crafters & Co on Victoria Street.
    Cool variety of pies, I had the chicken & mushroom which has a delicious sauce to bind it all together with good-size mushrooms & lovely pastry.

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