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Liquid gold at The Library

18 Aug 2015


Library Bar has brought back one of its most exciting promotions, an entry into a world of sweet childhood nostalgia and liquor with the reprise of their ‘Golden Ticket’ menu. For the month of August, you can pop down to The Library and marvel over their special Willy Wonka inspired cocktails. Mmm...

In fear of missing out on this sweet promotion, I found myself traipsing up the familiar stairs to begin my Friday night. On my initial reading of the six-drink-deep cocktail menu I was relieved (for the sake of my waistline) that it wasn’t just 50 shades of chocolate on offer. With names such as ‘Oompa Loompa' and promises of flavours like sherbet, bubble-gum and peaches and cream, I was both excited and ready to taste-test.

Here are some of my standouts:


My Milkshake

This milkshake almost deserves a disclaimeras it crosses the threshold from a beverage into meal territory. The divine lovechild of an ice-cream sundae and your choice of spirit will have you sold the second you dip your straw through the sprinkles, into the layers of coffee cream and ice cream. Probably not the best option for the carb conscious or the dairy intolerant, but based on the sheer volume of goodness (hint: salted caramel sauce) this is my headline act for this year’s menu. 

hubba bubbes

Hubba Bubbles

Hubba Bubbles definitely fits the “I’ll just have another one, thanks” criterion. Sparkling mineral water with bubble-gum infused vodka delivers a refreshing flavor contrast to the beast of a milkshake I experienced prior. The best part was the floating blueberries that also packed that bubble-gum vodka punch when I shamelessly straw-fed them to myself. 

teeny weenie martini

Teeny Weeny Bitter Chocolate Martini 

Don’t be fooled by the ‘teeny-weeny’ nature of this martini, it is deceptive how much flavour and alcohol can be crammed into something so small. A mixture of cacao distillate and white chocolate, this takes on the true form of the traditional martini. I gave this one a second chance as I stupidly ravaged it on its arrival and ended up shivering from its sheer potency. However on a second visit (sipping this time) I found it like drinking a piece of an alcoholic, dark Ghana chocolate. Sophisticated and yummy.

As for the rest of the options...

I think I'm more excited by the usual Library cocktail offerings. The Oompa Loompa’s combo of sparkling wine and orange liqueur didn’t do it for me (though in saying that, I was more than happy to eat the sherbet encrusted around the rim of the glass). The Cinema Old Fashioned was in a similar category. Its ingredients being a concoction of literally everything you buy to eat in a cinema (think, popcorn), which is exactly what it tasted like. Perhaps for the more adventurous and sophisticated tastebuds.

All in all these cocktails are something special, and yet another credit to the bar that will always be the master of combining the best of alcohol and literature.


The Library

The Library is a reading room and lounge bar with live music and sweet treats, hidden away upstairs in the heart of Courtenay Place.

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