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Lux and trucks

By Heather 24 Aug 2015 • 1 Comments

Lights header

If you haven't been to see the Lux light show or grazed at the Visa Wellington On a Plate food truck trailer park yet (yes, you deserve food after that mouthful!), you really, really should. You have until Sunday 30th August, 6-11pm nightly.

The lights are spread along the waterfront from the Queens Wharf area, up through Opera House Lane and into Leeds Street. Do not skip number 7 - Rube - around the back of the Opera House. It's the cleverest in my humble opinion.

The food trucks are in two bunches - one at Odlins Plaza, and one on top of Frank Kitts Park.

So to the lights first. There are 36 installations, ranging from things to touch and hear, to pretty things just for looking at. The festival map summarises them, but if you're after more in-depth information, sign up for one of the remaining Visa Wellington On a Plate deLUX Dining events (there are still tickets left), and you'll get a guided tour as well as delicious DINE food after. And if there's any kind of breeze, take a raincoat for watching the water screen near Shed 5.

There's plenty for the kids to do as well. From 6pm each evening they can jump into a game of glow-in-the-dark soccer or volleyball (on the top of Frank Kitts), have a game of glow-in-the-dark twister (take bandaids I reckon) or unleash their inner Picasso with glow-in-the-dark chalking.

And if that isn't enough, you can get them glow-in-the-dark candy floss at Odlins Plaza to round things off (thanks to my little friends who posed for me). They won't take on an eerie glow after eating it, but they will end up with a flashing light sabre to wave around for the rest of the night.

And to the food. There's something like 15 food trucks (check out the full list here), so there's no way you could go hungry other than fainting while waiting in a queue. Be aware from the 6pm get-go there can be long slow-moving queues, especially on a fine Friday or Saturday evening. And although there are some tables, you are likely to end up eating while standing, so factor that into your decision making. My advice is to go down around 5.30pm, stroll around and check out the options (most have signs out from about then), and be ready to jump right on in at 6pm. Or go and enjoy the lights first and wander back for eats later.

The Red Rabbit Roastery in Leeds Street is also opening every evening of the festival, so that may be another option. It also doesn't hurt that they have a lovely big jet-engined heat-blasting fan on their courtyard. Nice!

You can't finish without dessert, right? What better finale than glow-in-the-dark gelato. Gelissimo at Odlins Plaza have decked their shop out with UV lights and made a whole range of glowing gelato using a Ministry of Primary Industries-approved UV-reactive food colouring from riboflavin (vitamin B2). Flavours such as Mang-Glow, Moon-Mint Chip, Orange Orbit, and a Powershop Pavlova with a glowing meringue top, given Powershop are sponsoring the food truck trailer park.

Cool huh?

So there you have it. Fabulous lights, fabulous foods, and fabulous fun. Wrap up warm, and get to it.

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  • Carol Sisson 27/08/2015 10:57pm (2 years ago)

    We went along on Thursday night, and did not find as many of the fun kid-interactive activities as we thought. There was no glow-in-the-dark footy or volleyball, no waterscreen or no glow-in-the dark ice-cream. Pretty disappointing really, especially when we promised our young ones all these exciting things. Maybe it was best to go on the weekend, but we wanted to avoid the crowds!

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