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Matterhorn brunches return

By Heather 25 Feb 2016

EDITORS NOTE: Sadly, Matterhorn no longer deal in brunches.

For those who love Matterhorn, there's now a whole lot more to love. For those who’ve never been, this is the ideal way to whet your Matterhorn whistle.

MH courtyard

Executive Chef and co-owner Sean Marshall is a bit of a brunch lad at heart, so after a'la'carte-ising the evening menu over the last year (he and Mark Keddell bought Matterhorn back in November 2014), was keen to re-introduce the brunches that were once part of Matterhorn’s repertoire. 

You’ll see there’s a raw section, reflecting our desire to eat lighter, cleaner and greener (bet you’ve never eaten a smoothie from a bowl with a spoon before huh?), and a cooked section with corn fritter and eggs benny classics, as well as new delights like confit duck leg hash, or fennel and white onion tart with ox heart tomatoes and persian feta. Wiping drool as we speak.

The drinks similarly range from the raw and fruity, to the jump-starters (Flight coffee several ways, including with buffalo milk), and the get-my-Sunday-groove-on cocktails. 

We visited on a lazy Sunday morning, with cruisy tunes setting the vibe, a gentle breeze blowing through the courtyard, and staff superb as always as we munched and slurped our way through a few dishes: 

  • The super greens smoothie bowl was refreshingly cool, slightly sweet, and had different green tastes depending on which herb was in each spoonful. A sensation of having just eaten (drunk?) a crisp Asian salad. 
  • The almond bircher is naturally denser, with complimentary textures through the oats, seeds and crunch of cocoa nibs (although no discernable chocolate flavour per se). Again enhanced by whichever herb was in the mouthful. 
  • The corn fritters were classic, but with more crunchy and flavourful greenery than you’d usually find. And yes, I did end up musing about yesteryear. 
  • The eggs benny showcased the delicious Waikanae Butchery dry cured bacon, creamy free range eggs, sweet brioche and crispy kale nicely. Coordinated by a slightly sweet and unctuous (mmm, love that word) hollandaise to balance the salty bacon. 
  • The red snapper is a gin Bloody Mary with clarified tomato juice, hence not red, and enhanced by a little port. It cut through the fattiness of the fritter condiments and eggs benny perfectly.
  • All dishes had excellent components, but became something greater than the sum of their parts by the smart layering of flavours and textures.

And then finished with a slice of delicious house-baked summer stone fruit frangipane tart. What more could a girl want? (Other than a personal masseuse called Sven...).

MH frangipane tart

10am to 3pm, Saturdays and Sundays. And watch out for further ‘Seanising’ of the evening menu soon too.



Matterhorn. Purveyors of the finest in food, drink and culture. Serving you seven ways, in seven days.

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