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Seizend with generosity

24 Sep 2015 • 1 Comments

My current love affair with Seize began like many modern day romances... on a social media platform. A leisurely morning newsfeed scroll led to me to stumble across a photo of a raw peanut butter and jelly cheesecake, staring at me in all of its layered and nutty glory.

Never wanting to miss an opportunity to nourish my appetite, I took a detour from my Cuba Street safety net of lunching and ventured down Lambton Quay way to find the source of this sweet debauchery I could not get my mind away from.


seize 1 Photo credit: Annalise Coghlan

Despite my heart already being won over by the prospect of impending peanut butter, I was still slightly apprehensive. The words ‘raw, vegan and paleo’ are household names in the health food industry, and I too have fallen prey to thinking every kale smoothie I consume is the ‘start of a new chapter of my life’. However, in this case it might just be, as while I am slurping my way through my Green Machine, owner Mike has a vision for his brand that is much bigger than the jar in front of me.

"Seize is not so much about food, but food as a vehicle for movement"

Before I get into that we need to talk about the food. I’m going to put it out there: everything is delicious. There's no trade-off of taste for health benefits; the menu is the literal equivalent of having your cake and eating it too. The seasonal bowls seem to be the call of the corporates lunch grind so I happily followed suit. My bowl was a delectable combination of tahini and yoghurt bathed cauliflower and chickpeas complemented by their very own ‘seizer salad’ with organic bacon crumble. Don’t even get me started on the sweet cabinet either. I don’t quite understand how a cheesecake without anything ‘cheese’ related can be better than the original, but it is.

The vision that Mike has for Seize is one that has really moved me personally. As much as I adore hearing the tales of loving coffee and food ‘since the womb’ from café owners, it was refreshing to hear that this business is about impact. Though Seize seemingly pours out goodness and nourishment in all edible forms to their customers, the underlying benefactors Mike wishes to reach are those that deserve and need it most: the growers and suppliers.

“Seize is not so much about food, but food as a vehicle for movement. Food is something with impact; it affects all people from the growers, all the way up the chain. We want to reach all these people”.

In a society of instant gratification, the reality is that this is not going to happen overnight, but it’s comforting to know that the hand that is feeding me (almost too often now) is thinking bigger. And it’s working. If the lunchtime queues out the door are anything to go by, the common order seems to be a bowl of nutrient rich deliciousness with a compulsory side of good old soul nourishing.

This cafe is definitely worth a visit, whether you bow down to the god of chia seeds or simply want to take your taste buds somewhere new!

seize 1


Seize is a salad bar on Lambton Quay serving deliciously fresh salads, juices and smoothies.

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  • Wendy Broad 24/09/2015 8:10pm (2 years ago)

    Coming down this weekend for WOW looking forward to calling into Seize with the girls

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