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Street Food Galore!

By Heather 12 Feb 2015 • 4 Comments

Editors note: A big welcome to our guest blogger, Heather. When she's not taking Zest Food Tours around town, she's taste-testing an array of culinary delights from new foodie spots popping up around Wellington! We like to think she's a bit of a food detective. Take it away, Heather...

The Wellington Night Markets launched their new Saturday night venture on 31 January (points to the first person to spot the spello in their banner).

And wow.

What an excellent idea to shut off Lower Cuba and make it an entertaining, bustling, outdoor eating hall.


There is so much to choose from even with the few stalls missing that it’ll take you weeks and weeks to cover all the bases (we entertained ourselves for hours afterwards imagining what Batman was going to sell – must visit this week to see!). With everything from Komodo Indonesian to Armenian Lahmajoon to Little Goat Mediterranean to Thai to Vietnamese to Filipino to Afrikaan to deep fried ice cream to gluten free meals to some of our well-known trailers (Le Canard’s rotisserie, Sichuan Spice street noodles), you get the picture.

Given we stumbled across the market after being at Ekim Burgers (if you haven’t been there, shame on you), we opted to focus on desserts.

The gluten-free peanut butter cheesecake with rice syrup was rich and delicious with the crumbly chocolatey base a perfect foil, and the traditional Bohemian gingerbread (not to be confused with the twisted potato which they also sell) being declared so freshly made it would need three days to soften. Perverse just a bit?

So we contemplated waiting for three days in the long deep-fried ice cream queue instead, but figured that watching the gingerbread soften in the comfort of our own home at least meant we could keep up with our favourite tv shows at the same time (I can report the said gingerbread did indeed soften and was rather tasty with an evening cuppa). Phew!


The launch entertainment on the 31st included Chinese Lion dancing, KapaHaka, Maori Singing and Cuban Fusion dancing, followed by the 7’s entertainment on the 7th including a Tequila band, A Sevens Flash Mob Haka and Costume Competition, and Mauricio J Molina.

On the 14th Feb take your beloved along for an evening of love, love, love, with the Klaus Vermillion Quartet, Simon and My Mates Band, and Swing dancing (as long as you’re sure you won’t end up wearing a bowl of spicy noodles for your Valentine's efforts).

From 5-11pm every Friday and Saturday. I’ll see you there over the Armenian Lahmajoon…

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  • Nicky 18/02/2015 9:45pm (3 years ago)

    Awesome market...awesome article.

  • Heather Clinton 18/02/2015 7:57pm (3 years ago)

    Well spotted Karia, you win!

  • karla 14/02/2015 9:02pm (3 years ago)

    i love firdays... better than the average friday. :)

  • craig ambrose 12/02/2015 3:57pm (3 years ago)

    You you had me at deep fried ice cream who knew the written word could make you so hungry. Can't wait taste late night Cuba Street myself.

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