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The best kind of Music2Brew2

24 Aug 2015

If you're considering getting tickets to Visa Wellington On a Plate's Music2Brew2 at San Fran Bathhouse, even the tiniest bit, do it now. Stop reading. Go here. Buy them and come back once you've got them in your hot little hands. 

At opening night last Friday, with the promise of "a magical night of music and beer matches accompanied by an esculent feast," it did not disappoint. What a concept! Over three separate nights a different craft beer and band are matching music to malt - awesome. The night I went they were pouring Panhead Black IPA and jamming The Nudge. A combo I initially didn't think much of, but ended up being seriously impressed.

I don't even know where to start - what should I give priority to? The music, the food or the beer? They were all amazing.

The Nudge were good. Let me rephrase that. The Nudge were SO good - bluesy and chilled with a truly unique stage presence.

And the food. Oh. my. Lord. Impressively large Okiwi Bay Oysters in malt vinegar, pāua and blue cod wontons, Lake Ferry smoked salt marsh beef, and duck fat chips (wouldn't have minded another bowl or two of these). The feast was rounded off nicely with Nana Wala's plum duff smothered in warm custard.

All of the above was complimented by deliciously cold (seemingly) never ending glasses of Panhead Black IPA. A chocolate orange pale ale, holding back the sweetness with the dark malts preserving the hops.

We ate, drank, tapped our toes and then The Nudge upped the anti so we couldn't help but push back the tables and have a good old boogie - San Fran style. 

I can't recommend this event enough. There are only two nights left and each sound like they will be off the hook:

Thursday 27th August
Brewery: Garage Project
Band: The Double Trouble Grunt Ensemble (featuring members of the NZSO with David Long, Joel Haines, Hamish McKeich, Luke Buda and Johnny Marks)

Friday 28th August
Brewery: Tuatara
Band: The Richter City Rebels

They start bringing out the beer and food at 8.30pm - but I'd recommend you try and get there a bit earlier to suss yourself a good seat!

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