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You should be eating at the Egmont St Eatery

29 Jun 2015

Wow. Just wow.

This place was incredible and I am officially recommending it to all in sundry. It hits the mark with everything you look for in an eatery and bar – a cool, kinda secret location, mood lighting, beautiful interior, gorgeous food which you can watch being prepared from the open kitchen, a great wine list, to-die-for desserts… the Egmont St Eatery seriously has it all!  

Let’s start with how it looks. It’s on Egmont Street (ha!) and has a kind of low key façade… and then you walk in. The bar area is on level with Egmont Street and it’s all tall tables and stools and dark wood – the perfect place to take a date for a drink. The restaurant area is down a few steps so you look up (out of the beautiful windows that run the length of the building) at passer-by’s strolling on by. It makes you feel very elitist being in this slightly underground, slightly secret little spot. The kitchen is open so you can watch chef and owner Simon Pepping work his delicious magic. Pendant lights, dark polished wood and plenty of indoor plants complete the look.

main photo1

My gorgeous little pal (pictured below – isn’t she cute) and I spent forever perusing the menu. In line with the latest food trends, the menu is designed to be shared. We went for the boneless chicken wings with kimchi mayonnaise, the lamb ribs with onion crema and herb salad and a good old serving of hand cut fries, because well… fries. Oh my god it was good. The chicken wings had the lightest, most crispy coating I’ve ever had and the kimchi mayonnaise was a-mayonnaise-ing. We mixed it up a little and also dipped the chicken wings in the spicy feijoa sauce (always on the table) – a pairing I really recommend. The ribs were slide-off-the-bone tender and full of flavour and the onion crema was rich and creamy. A perfect accompaniment. Dip a rib in the onion crema and stuff it in your mouth, then follow with a forkful of the light and lemony herb salad. Yummm.

We weren’t gonna get dessert until we saw the chocolate and rhubarb tart that the couple next to us ordered. It’s pictured below and I seriously can’t say enough good things about it. Just get it and thank me later.

This place is gorgeous and a truly awesome addition to the Wellington eatery scene. It’s open 7 days for breakfast, lunch and dinner and you should get there ASAP.

Foundation Egmont pm frontage

Egmont St Eatery

Egmont St Eatery's focus is combining fresh local ingredients and different cooking techniques to provide a modern spin on classic dishes and flavours.

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